The United Galactic Federation

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The United Galactic Federation

Political Composition- Federal Democratic Republican Corporatism

Head of State – Supreme Executive President

Capital – Edowa (Federal Capital Planet/City)Click Here!
Currency – Uni

Soldiers Per Capita – 1/100 (not including militia/mercenaries)

Average Lifespan – 122

Noun- Federation, Federate

Adjective- Federal, Federate, Federation, Fed (informal)

War Cry- “Fight for your freedoms, fight for the Federation!”


The once empire, a strong imperial tradition and a dangerous sense of nostalgia remains for those bygone days. However far from the political backwaters, the Federation is in the center of the sea of activity. Invested with a strong military heritage the Federation is not shy to secure its mercantile interest with military force. So entrenched is the military that Generals and Colonels hold actual political power and voting rights. To some this relationship is a detriment to the ideals of democracy to others it is the only hope for meritocracy in the growing economic disparity.

The then United Galactic Empire, unified by incessant war with the Sinturian Socialist Union, was left to deal with a great multitude of internal problems when the longest lasting peace arose. Socioeconomic issues ignored came to the forefront and civil war erupted throughout the Empire as swords turn inward. Where it not the Sinturian Socialist Union was undergoing similar turmoil, it is said that the United Empire might have been lost. Emperor Marlow defeated the rebels but in an astonishing move showed mercy and clemency.

Afflicted with an incurable disease the legendary Emperor Marlow disbanded the United Empire in favor of a republic before his death. Emperor Marlow also was responsible of integrating the Federation’s military which was previously segregated and signing a historic peace treaty with the newly reconfigured Sinturian Empire after a protracted war. Before his death he disbands the political power base of the nobility.

In his death the Federation is propelled into an unusually small period of civil war and unrest. The Federation elects its first president, a general named Victor Gram. Victor Gram retakes control of the Federations and starts a long line of militaristic presidents that continues today. The president’s role as an actual military leader and Supreme Commander is still in hot debate. A republican state, the Federation has incorporated a wide range of races into its mainstream society in spite of its previous human-supremacists attitudes that were prevalent in the days of empire.

The Enterprise of Empire

At an edict the Federation with economic sanctions and military embargos has reduced rival nations to starvation. Provinces and states within the Federate fair little better at times due to the inefficiencies of an overextended bureaucracy. However at the core is general sense of progression for a majority. With a sweeping legislature laws are often enacting without regard to minority concerns. Minority meaning impoverished peoples, money knows no race within the Federation. The financial elite of the Federate is diverse from all parts of the galaxy. The ‘Uni’, the stable staple currency of the Federation, is universally accepted by nations even outside the Federation.

Historically the Federation as a corporation predates even its transformation into an Empire. While Federate policies are strongly aligned with big business interests, the Federation tolerates no competition and has a precedent of dissolving or nationalizing corporations that don’t serve national interests. Political influence from corporations has long been curbed by the military branch and draconian laws. However the same laws have led to a more direct corruption where embezzlement is the least of crimes. In the upper rafters where money flows like water, power has become the new currency.

With the rise of other nations to prominence the Federation’s status as an economic superpower is gradual diminishing. Their influence shrinking the Federation has undertaken several military operations to open the markets of abstaining nations. The campaigns have had questionable success however their impact perhaps lies in the distraction they offer to domestic problems. Regardless citizens of the Federation have a highest standard of living in the galaxy. Recently voter turnout has shrunk to abysmal levels giving way to a militant minority to hold sway.

Current State

Today the Federation is in heavy recession. Its senate has become corrupt and arrogant over laden with bureaucracy and underhanded dealing. The senate launches a series of expensive wars in distant outposts that drain the Federal treasury while lining their own pockets. Though reforms have made the situation continues to worsen. Political appointments have begun to infect the military arm. In the past generals and officers led their forces often leading charges themselves, more recently commanders of the Federation have taken a backseat to commanding their soldiers. Many branches of the Federal Military have been weakened by post war cut backs. At the onset of the war the Federation is a weaken beast ill prepared to fight its revitalized rivals.


The Federal Military primarily uses cost efficient ballistic weaponry. Seen as pathetic by their Sinturian foes; in practice Federal weapons benefit by being utilitarian and conservative. Innovations in refinement and manufacturing create for more accurate weapons that reduce collateral damage. Its ‘Missile Mother’ class warships can deliver accurate orbital bombardments against enemy planets.

Against primitive peoples and enemies without countermeasures the Federation utterly dominates the field with its technological edge. Employing much of their military as a policing power on its frontiers, many Federal commanders became complacent with easy victories. However many such conflicts have engendered a dangerous over reliance on technology as a winning factor. High Command relies on complex calculations, such as expended ammunition to expected kill ratios. Such theories however have questionable real value under actual battlefield conditions.

Mindful in their investment training soldiers, Federal medical technology is arguably the most advanced in order so that soldiers can be saved for later battles. Injuries that would spell death for soldiers in other armies are easily recovered from for Federal soldiers. However for the loss of limbs mechanical prosthetics are favored due for budgetary reasons.

Typical Planetary Development/Composition

Host to a great many worlds, the Federation is characterized by great affluence and poverty dependent on the proximity to worlds surrounding the galactic core and key planet trade hubs. Inheriting the infrastructure established in the days of empire, the nobility has come to be replaced by the aristocracy. Worlds once requiring armies of slaves to sustain are now replenished by resources imported from cheap labor in impoverished worlds. Worlds in between are also enriched to be insulated from the shifts of war and economy. Blessed with many planets of fair climate, agriculture thrives, allowing foodstuffs to be imported across the stars as well.

Most moderately industrialized worlds produce weapon parts but never entire products as a whole. In a real economic sense these planets invest into war. The assembly line chain of planets also ensures inter-reliance and buffers against rebellion. Centuries of inter-reliance between states has fostered also a greater sense of national over provincial loyalty. Certain sectors though stubbornly retain a high degree of autonomy.