Embark upon an Adventure

Up to six lovely ladies, six dreams, and only you to make one real. Trampling over all others only one will win! Fight for what's right! Fight with all your might! Fight for love! Fight for all the above! Which will you support?

six main heroines

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

When will the game be released?

Whoa, nelly! We're still developing the demo (free to play) and recruiting staff. Keep checking in to be updated.

What type of game will SOSD be?

We're looking at a visual novel with life or death decision making that affects our characters to the core. The weapons of our main cast aren't ornamental. There will be casualties. Characters you grow to love are at risk if you make poor choices. Beware of easy 'friends' for times will be indeed hard. If you have played games such as Telltales Games' 'Walking Dead' or 'Game of Thrones', SOSD will be along similar lines.

Will there be adult elements?

If you mean a story rife with symbolism, metaphor, philosophical inquiry, and personal development, then yes. If you mean "hentai", "eroge", and "sex", then nay.

What is the game's setting?

Your typical average American highschool.... Just kidding since that would make for some super lazy writing and make it easy to reuse image assets! In earnest and honest SOSD is set in an original world with warring powers vying for dominance. Prepare to see the dark underbelly of a pony society. We also have a page for that. World

So do you take donations?

Yes. Unfortunately writing, illustrating, and coding aren't free actions. Please feed us! We don't have the massive team of volunteers other projects enjoy.

Message from Author: "At great personal expense, I am devoted to developing this vision. I would not ask of my team that which I would be unwilling to take on myself. Missing meals, sleep, and our families, we work towards something worthy."

Depending on the donations, we will soon have incentives such as a raffle for SOSD merchandise including but not limited to T-shirts, dog tags, autographed art, and possibly even figurines. Products are currently in a research and prototype phase.

How is this related to the popular Franchise My Little Pony?

By copyright law, we fall under parody. Our cast is completely comprised of original characters. There are no 'knock off' or 'stolen' characters. Our own cast of characters are registered copyrighted properties that we own.

What language is the game written in?

SOSD is being built using the Ren'Py engine, the code is Python. We have much to thank the developers of Ren'Py for.

Who is the main character?

Our hero is. He simply is. Proto is the lens we see through, though he may be much more than that… As so not to spoil the plot, his details shall remain a secret. The player shall have the power to ultimately define him. His actions, your actions, shall echo through the lives of many.

Game Specific Questions

Once the demo's done, how will the main game be released?

We're looking at a possibly episodic format with a persistent save file. There will be more details to come as we near the completion of the demo.

What's the game rated?

The demo release alone is rated wA-15 under the Voluntary Media Rating system. We're going to be addressing such 'family fun' subjects such as 'genocide', 'endemic warfare', 'systematic discrimination', 'psychological disorders', 'substance abuse' and allusions to 'reproductive activity'. To sugar coat such subjects would be to make light of their implications in our world let alone the world we hope to set.

Is there adult (NSFW) content in the game?

Nay. However, if ever there is to be; it will be if we reach a massive funding goal that allows budget flexibility for the additional illustrations, even then it will optional.

Which characters are featured in the game?

We have menagerie of characters planned to play their roles in SOSD. Depending on funding the main storyline will follow three to six routes. Passing funding goals will unlock 'red' characters in the following order: Cutlass, Ziara, and Nightshade.

How does this relate to My Little Pony?

We're distant-distant cousins, twice removed.

How much will it cost?

We need to recuperate development costs, so this price will be variable. Once our cost of production is met we will lower the price accordingly. If our wildest expectations are exceeded then we may even offer free episodes. Currently and fortunately for folks, the extensive demo is planned to be free.

Which platforms will SOSD be distributed on?

PC, Mac and Linux systems will be supported. Depending on funding, Android may also be supported.

Assorted Questions

I have an idea for the story! Could you illustrate, write, and produce my work?

Certainly! Do you have the money to feed us, pay rent for our studio, and associated costs? This is the part where they say nay, and we say nay. Neigh, horse pun for fun.

Can you incorporate my OC into your story? She's totally original! She has the hair of Twilight, Fluttershy's disposition, her manes sparkles like Luna and…

SOSD uses no hasbro trademark names; only original copyrighted characters we own. This though does not mean we're open season. Characters need a purpose. Writing an extra character costs blood money. See previous answer to previous question.

If your characters are registered copyrighted, can I do fan-art of them?

Yes, we love fan-art. Please link and credit us though. Message from Author: "Fan-art is partly the responsible for our existence. So I say yay."

Can I join the production team? Are you looking for a writer/artist/voice actor?

You're still reading? Then keep on. Absolutely, however, presently we cannot afford to be offering paid positions. For weal and woe, we will be aboard our own ship. Success and glory shall have to be seized. In the end we'll split the spoils or share the pain, hopefully forging a friendship that endures.

You need to explicitly state the position you desire and provide samples of your quality work. There's been a bucketful of 'editor' and 'writer' applications. If you apply for those categories, do not be offended if we can't respond.

Currently we are in most need of a Secondary Ren'py visual novel coder, a Secondary Background Artist, and an exceptional Editor.

Music Contributers are also most welcomed and will be fully credited for their work in game.

We've discharged many folks before. No free rides, we've put too much work and it would be a severe disrespect to expect us to carry dead weight. We're hard not because we want to but because we have to be.

Contact us at link.


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